Assistance and support

For all interested project applicants and future project promoters there are technical support, mentorship and trainings in place to guide and assist you all the way through from project application process to the conclusion of project implementation process:

  • Counselling

    Counselling is intended for all potential project applicants. We will help you to better understand calls and their goals, to improve and upgrade your project ideas, and also with encountering dilemmas in project proposal preparation.

  • Info workshops

    With each call, potential project applicants will be invited to attend our Info workshops. In workshops we will, above all, address the programme outcomes, and talk about what kind of results we envision to achieve.

  • Project development workshops

    These workshops are intended to help project applicants with development of your project ideas in accordance with respective call's objectives, and to assist you with establishment of successful partnerships.

  • Support for project promoters

    To all Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia project promoters a wide range of supporting activities will be available throughout the process of project implementation.