Supported projects

Take a look at the projects that have won us over.

Stopping the Destruction of Public Healthcare

Response and Communication after Report of Suspected Criminal Offense against the Sexual Integrity of Minors

Portraits of Respect: Advocacy Campaign on Respect for the Dignity of Elders among Young People

How do you feel: Supportive parents

Preserving Želodnik: Advocacy Campaign for Preventing the Planned, Ecologically Controversial Construction of the Želodnik Business Area

Guardians of Sora: For the Optimal Natural Solutions to the Antiflooding Regulation of the Sora River

Awareness Raising Campaign on Economic Democracy in Light of Increasing Governmental Efforts for Developing the Area

Because we Take the National Council Seriously!

Let Anhovo Breathe

Mental Health is a Human Right!

Preventing the Shrinking of Reproductive and Other Health-Related Rights with the Abolition of Supplemental Health Insurance

Redefining Partnership as Marriage: Where We Are and Where We Would Like to Be

Ć – strategic litigation against hate speech

Expanding the Space for Women’s Freedom

Community (Needle)work: Opening Space and Nurturing Community Engagement

Blind Spots of the Green Transition

Free integration assistance centre for Ukrainian refugees in Slovenia

Learning for Participatory Democracy

In the Context of Secondary Schools

Connected for Forests

Learn with Amnesty: Building a Better World by Spreading Knowledge about Human Rights

5 Billion Cigarettes: Putting an End to Pollution of the Sea with Cigarette Butts

The Right to Vote is not a Whim: Movement for Ending the Disenfranchisement of People with Disabilities

Gender Equality Rules: Creating an Equal Society for Everyone

Carinthian Democratic Station


Legal Tours

Museum of Madness: From Institutions to People #2

For Free Public Education

No Exploitation