Institutional support

This call is addressing strategic development of NGOs. Organisations will be able to receive financial support for implementation of their strategic plans, while at the same time building capacity and developing even better programmes with the support of mentors.

Planned opening date of the call: June/July 2020

Available indicative budget: EUR 450.000

Requested contribution of ACF funding: 90.000 EUR (30.000 EUR per year)

Project maximum funding rate: 90% of eligible expenditure.

The 10% of co-financing has to be assured by the applicant and/or project partners. The means for co-financing of the project can be provided in money, or partially in money and partially in in-kind contribution in a form of voluntary work. The in-kind contribution in the form of voluntary work may constitute up to 50% of the co-financing.

Project duration: 36 months.

Call for institutional support of organisations is not intended for co-financing of projects, but rather for co-financing of implementation of organisations’ strategic plans. During the three years of this financial support, organisations will be provided with a wide pallet of support activities by mentors and trainers with the intention to build their capacities and develop their programmes to a level where they will be enabled to raise more and diversify funds and resources for their operation.

Eligible applicants for this call are organisations with an annual turnover between 100.000 EUR and 300.000 EUR.