Support for project promoters

To all Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia project promoters a wide range of supporting activities will be available throughout the process of project implementation.

Workshops for project management, finances and reporting

Workshops intended for understanding the rules and procedures of project management and reporting will be held separately for project promoters of medium, large and small projects as well as for beneficiaries of institutional support.

Organisational development workshops

Organisational development workshops are intended for project promoters of medium and large projects. In workshops we will talk about what organisational development is and how to address it. Together we will prepare an organisational assessment and accordingly also a capacity building plan for each organisation.

Counselling for project promoters

Individual counselling will be available to all project promoters throughout the whole project implementation process. Counselling is intended to achieve the most successful realisation of project outcomes and also for a reduction of possible errors in project reporting.

Communications workshops and support

To assure high visibility of implemented projects and to improve communication capacities of project promoters, two communications workshops will be held; one for medium and large projects, and one for small projects. Workshops will focus on storytelling and presentation of your work through the eyes of the users of your projects.

Throughout the project implementation process our communication expert will be available to project promoters:

Regular meetings with project promoters

Regular meetings with project promoters will be organised periodically throughout the project implementation process. Meetings will offer space for addressing potential problems, exchange of knowledge and experiences, mutual learning, and collection of feedback on the work of Active Citizens Fund in Slovenia operating organisations.