No Barriers to Equality

Call for proposals: Small projects
Project duration: Mar 2022–Nov 2022
Project budget: 14,026.74 EUR

The needs survey among groups of migrants and refugees in Slovenia conducted by the Association for Intercultural Dialogue and ADRA Slovenia revealed a low level of competence to defend one's own rights. This project will train refugees and migrants to become skilled advocates for their rights and equal treatment.

Migrants and refugees face unequal treatment, social injustice, stigmatization and discrimination, but lack the knowledge and skills to combat this. This is due to poor language skills and poor knowledge of one's rights, professional terminology and media tools such as websites, social networks and radio programs.

In the past the field of advocacy training for migrants and refugees in Slovenia lacked more systematic and structured activities or projects. In addition, the Aliens Act has been amended and revised in a way that may mean greater vulnerability for individuals in some cases, especially in relation to inclusion in formal education, training and employment procedures.

The project will involve migrants and refugees, volunteers from ADRA Slovenia and the Association for Intercultural Dialogue, and other members of NGOs who want to get trained in advocacy, especially in the field of entering the employment market and social inclusion in general. We will conduct hands-on workshops on what advocacy is and how advocacy campaigns work, and what media and other tools they can use to achieve their goals. We will offer them language learning with a special emphasis on terminology important for advocacy, and we will also focus on the most common mistakes in the use of the Slovenian language.

We will also prepare a workshop to present the Aliens Act and a simple brochure with basic information for a better understanding of the amendments to the act. We will pay special attention to the points that regulate the conditions regarding means of subsistence, language skills, etc.

By taking part in the practical implementation of advocacy campaigns, the participants will acquire the skills for the implementation of such and similar campaigns in the long run and will be able to share their knowledge with their colleagues

Contact person: Furkan Guner


Project promoter: Association for Intercultural Dialogue

Project partner: Humanitarno društvo ADRA Slovenija