Pop the Bubbles

Call for proposals: Medium and large projects
Project duration: Nov 2020–Oct 2022
Project budget: 60,000.00 EUR

In Slovenia there are a few dozen families from Turkey who find it difficult to return to their country due to the situation there. They live similarly to other families, but they often lack contact with them. Meeting each other step by step could significantly improve their lives. Several hundred thousand other families also live in Slovenia – each with their own crises, chores, overload, as well as joys and successes.

But there are almost no mutual contacts. Why, when both groups are aware that they lack socializing? Being in a constant rush we forget to build communities and become increasingly alienated. And no one is really happy with where our society or our country is going and how we are developing.

We live in a democratic society. We must not leave the shaping of a better world to just a handful of politicians. In a democratic society, everyone is co-responsible for shaping the society in which they live.

The first step is to burst the bubbles into which we are drawn by life patterns, connect with people who are similar and different from us alike, hear their stories, empathize with them, and together, side by side, build something better. Both the families of Turkish migrants and Slovenian families with lower incomes have a common challenge: they feel excluded. They don’t participate in society as much as they could.

As part of the project, we will prepare two family camps, which will be attended by Slovenian and Turkish families. Through sharing stories, conversations and joint activities, parents and children will learn about important social topics: what democracy really is, what freedom, inclusion, social participation are. Learning will not be theoretical – these concepts will be given meaning.

For this reason, both groups will be involved in the preparation of the camps. Prior to the camp we will also form a discussion group to test these approaches. We will also design six e-learning lessons and an educational module for others who are interested in such "bubble bursting".

The project will establish more contact between the above mentioned groups of families. In this way, they will encourage each other to participate more actively in society. They will be more confident in defending their views and the common good.

The approaches developed in the preparatory group will also be used by other organizations, parishes, informal groups and families that will not be directly involved in the project.

Contact person: Matej Cepin

Project promoter: Social Academy – institute for education, research and culture

Project partner from donor countries: Mangfold Huset
Project partners: Župnijski zavod sv. Jurija Stara Loka, Društvo medkulturni dialog