Young Philosophy

Call for proposals: Medium and large projects
Project duration: 1 Oct 2020–31 Mar 2022
Project budget: 36,000 EUR

Due to considerable study and work commitments, young people run out of time to follow and respond to the political issues of our time if they are interested in them at all. All too often, they feel that they are not directly affected by social shifts and political developments.

We will carry out philosophical workshops on current events for students, especially those studying natural sciences who do not encounter the humanities very often in their studies. We will discuss the history and philosophy of science and its errors, as well as the meaning and responsibility of their future professions.

We will help them see their future profession through the lens of the social and political situation, although the connection may not be obvious at first glance. We will teach them to read and understand content that they find alien and uninteresting. Through philosophical reflection on ethical issues, they will be able to strengthen interdisciplinary thinking and broaden their horizons, which will later help them in the labor market.

Contact person: Dali Regent

Project promoter: Society for practical philosophy House of Philosophy

Project partners: Društvo Brez limita, University of Ljubljana Faculty of Education