Because alcohol is not milk – advocacy in the field of alcohol policy

Call for proposals: Medium and large projects
Project duration: 1 Sept 2020–1 Sept 2022
Project budget: 67,000.00 EUR

The extent and patterns of alcohol use in Slovenia are worrying, especially among young people. In a survey conducted in December 2017, young activists in the role of hidden customers were able to "successfully" purchase alcohol in bars and restaurants in 96.7 % of cases. During the event Ritem mladosti almost three quarters of minors were able to easily buy alcohol in shops. The project "Because alcohol is not milk" strives to change people's beliefs, opinions and attitudes towards alcohol. At the same time we will advocate for stricter policy measures aimed at reducing alcohol use in Slovenia.

The main goal of the project is to remedy the situation and reduce the indifference of our society to alcohol-related issues and alcohol policy. We intend to achieve this with a comprehensively organized campaign and by lobbying policymakers and decision-makers. We will spread information and raise public awareness about misconceptions, opinions and attitudes toward alcohol, and good practices – effective alcohol policies that can reduce alcohol use among young people. We will also prepare legislative initiatives. By doing this we will make it easier for key political stakeholders to decide on action. At the same time this will help achieve strong public support for the measures.

The target groups are, in particular, policymakers and decision-makers in the field of public health and beyond; the media; social network users; parents and other relevant adults; caterers, traders and NGOs in the field of public health. The long-term benefits of the project will benefit children and young people in terms of improving health and reducing the presence of alcohol in their daily lives.

Contact person: Matej Košir

Project promoter: Slovenian NCD Alliance

Project partner from donor countries: IOGT Iceland
Project partners: Institute for Research and Development “Utrip”; No Excuse Slovenia; Institute for Youth Participation, Health and Sustainable Development; The Slovenian Heart Foundation; Slovenian Coalition for Public Health, Environment and Tobacco control (SCTC)