Call for a System Change

Call for proposals: Small projects
Project duration: May 2022–May 2023
Project budget: 20,000.00 EUR

Our association is raising public awareness of the issue of industrial environmental pollution due to the consequences of the operation of the Salonit Anhovo cement plant. After the legal ban on the use of asbestos in the 1990s, the cement plant began to use waste, including hazardous waste, as its energy source. Currently, the cement plant incinerates 109,000 tons of waste per year, releasing large amounts of emissions into the environment. These emissions are a combination of various chemical compounds and heavy metals and pose a threat to human health and the environment.

Co-incineration of waste in a cement plant is made possible by extremely discriminatory legislation that allows cement plants to incinerate waste under significantly milder conditions and with less control than is the case with specialized waste incineration plants. In terms of the amount of waste incinerated, Salonit Anhovo is the largest waste incinerator in Slovenia with lower environmental standards. The cement plant intends to increase the amount of waste to an unimaginable 220,000 tons per year in the near future.

The project aims to protect our environment from the announced additional burdens. Through various activities we will raise public awareness of the harmful effects of incineration of large quantities of waste on the environment and human health. We will encourage decision-makers at the local and national level to take a firmer stance on the issue of waste co-incineration in the cement plant and we will advocate for changes in policies and more appropriate legislation.

Contact person: Mateja Sattler


Project promoter: EKO ANHOVO AND SOČA VALLEY, Society for Nature and Environmental Protection