Common Space for Inclusive Integration into Society

Call for proposals: Small projects
Project duration: 1 Apr 2022–1 Apr 2023
Project budget: 20,000.00 EUR

People in the process of obtaining legal residence status in Slovenia and people in difficult asylum procedures face many problems. The project aims to eliminate the problems caused by the lack of infrastructure in these procedures and also to help citizens of other countries who have already acquired their residence status, but don’t manage to orient themselves in the Slovenian social welfare, employment and health care system. The project also aims to further strengthen advocacy for respecting the fundamental rights of people who haven’t acquired residence status yet, so that they can speak for themselves about the problems and the systemic obstacles they face while trying to acquire their residence status.

We will carry out advocacy activities in the field of migration by setting up a permanent info-office, organizing working meetings, regular assemblies and public events. We have set up a counseling office with regular office hours, where we will provide information on asylum procedures, provide assistance in arranging residence legalization procedures, distribute donations, provide legal advice and work together to find ways of resolving difficult situations.

By implementing direct forms of assistance, we can monitor the procedures of state bodies and monitor the implementation of official procedures determined by laws or regulations. Assistance in acute distress also enables the person that was helped to take part in advocacy in the form of collective action and drawing attention to systemic violations and shortcomings once they have solved their individual problem.

We will draw attention to the consequences of harmful changes in the International Protection Act and the Aliens Act, and we will also try to eliminate them. We will do this by preparing and publishing a report on the state of protection of fundamental rights of migrants in Slovenia, organizing assemblies at which migrants will take the leading advocacy role, and organizing two press conferences: on violations in official border procedures and/or the conditions in the care of asylum seekers in state institutions.

Contact person: Tit Starc


Project promoter: Cultural Association Gmajna