Democratic Station Koroška

Call for proposals: Medium and large projects
Project duration: 1 Sept 2020–31 Dec 2021
Project budget: 36,000.00 EUR

Democratic systems depend on those who participate in them. If there are no participants, a system based on the rule of the people is doomed. The prerequisite for a functioning democracy is therefore participation, and the prerequisite for participation is understanding the rules of the game. This project will encourage citizens to be actively involved in democratic processes, thereby contributing to the flourishing of a healthy democratic society at all levels of decision-making.

On 1 January 2021, the Raum AU association will open an office where we will solve individual problems of citizens. We will be open every workday, four hours a day. The office will be open for all citizens who want to obtain various permits, write letters or submit proposals to decision-makers, organize events, or those who need help in interpreting the laws.

Citizens seeking help will be assisted by experts from a variety of fields – from sociology, education and law to culture, engineering, etc. In addition to solving individual problems, the project will also entail organized discussions, round tables, exhibitions and media campaigns, all of which will raise public awareness about the importance of active involvement in socio-political processes.

The Democratic Station Koroška is a pilot project of non-formal political education by civil society. It can be transferred to other local environments as an example of good practice and thus (co)create conditions for the democratic development of the entire Slovenian society.

Contact person: Urška Čerče

Project promoter: raum AU