Free integration assistance centre for Ukrainian refugees in Slovenia

Call for proposals: Medium projects
Priority area: Increased support for civic education and human rights
Project duration: 10 May 2023–9 December 2023
Project budget: EUR 19,239.00

War in the Ukraine has changed the lives of millions of people. Over 8,000 Ukrainan refugees have found shelter in Slovenia, with most of them having no place to return. This is why they want to pursue their careers here as employees, entrepreneurs, or freelancers. However, they are met with obstacles, such as the lack of information on how to start. At the same time, many of them lack the courage and motivation to embark on this journey. Transcultural research indicates that migrants are not as included in lifelong learning and education as other citizens are.

Due to the immigration of Ukrainian refugees, the Dress for Success Institute has established a Free Integration Help Center for Ukrainian Refugees in Slovenia. Since 17 August 2022, the center has been operating as per the agreement with the Employment Service of Slovenia in Maribor. We help people strengthen their resilience, accelerate their integration in the new environment, and increase their involvement in business and entrepreneurship communities in Slovenia. The integration help center deals with areas that are based on European best practices, such as professional and linguistic support, employment consultations, posting, assimilation, and participation in various social, educational, sport, cultural, and leisure activities. At the time, an average of ten people per week visit us during our working hours – we are open twice a week. They reach out to us for information and help with diploma recognition, employment, or other problems that we can solve together. We hold monthly workshops where we provide information about the possibilities and methods of establishing a company, about the development of business ideas, about the local legislation and requirements for registering or relocating a company into a new country, as well as about their rights and obligations. Each month, 20–35 people take part in the workshops. Also organized as part of the project was a workshop on the integration of family members, specifically Ukrainian children and young people (14–18-year-olds), where we discussed the possibilities of training and education as part of the curriculum in Slovenia. Due to the knowledge of the Ukrainian language, the center also provides support during visits to formal institutions.

At the workshops, participants will gain knowledge and information that will not only help them develop their business ideas and establish a company, but also encourage them to pursue personal and professional growth. The workshops will also help participants get involved in the Slovene business environment, learn about the legislation and requirements for registering or relocating their company into a new country, and understand the personal advantages of establishing and developing a business.

The workshop will provide young people and parents with information about educational institutions in Slovenia and help them decide on subsequent education.

Contact person: Larisa Vidovič
Dress for Success

Project promoter: Dress for Success