Humanitas – Centre for Global Learning and Cooperation

Call for proposals: Institutional support
Project duration: 
1. 6. 2021 - 30. 4. 2024
Project budget:
90.000,00 EUR

The main purpose of the Humanitas Association is to raise awareness about global interdependence and the role individuals play in the world by educating and informing about global challenges. By promoting solidarity, responsibility, justice, and respect for human rights, they want to encourage people, especially youngsters, to actively participate and co-create a society based on social and environmental justice.

The Humanitas Association conducts interactive workshops for pupils and students; seminars and trainings for teachers, representatives of NGOs and others. They also organize various events aimed at raising public awareness about social and environmental challenges requiring different approaches to solving them. In the field of global learning, they develop various teaching aids, interactive exhibitions, and theater plays.

The specialized House of Worlds library in the Oton Župančič Library offers specialist and popular literature and video material in the field of global learning methodology, human rights, interculturalism, globalization, development studies, conflict and peace studies, environment, food and water, and active citizenship.

In the program to support children and local communities they liaised with organizations from Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Kenya. In collaboration with them they support children on their educational journey and implement projects aimed at local communities.

They are the co-founders of 3Muhe, the first fair-trade store in Slovenia, and the SLOGA Platform. They are also the founders of the Club of Teachers of Global Learning that has been awarded by the Global Education Network Europe (GENE) and already includes 85 teachers from all over Slovenia. At the SLOGA Platform they lead a working group for global learning, influencing the wider involvement of both professional circles and the general public in global learning for 20 years.

As a professional and at the same time activist organization, they are actively involved in a wide area of civil society, including advocacy. They are members of the coalition of NGOs for monitoring the human rights of refugees and migrants and members of the network of environmental organizations Plan B for Slovenia. They respond to current challenges regarding the adoption of restrictive legislation, human rights violations and the prohibition of discrimination against groups or individuals.

Over the next three years, programs in the area of global education and development cooperation will be intertwined so that their effects are mutually reinforcing. They will focus on six key areas: active citizenship, the environment, migration, development, human rights and interculturalism, thus ensuring an in-depth and broad coverage of global learning. Programs in both areas will be implemented in close partnership with other actors in the field of global learning and development cooperation, especially in Europe and Africa.

They will consolidate their cooperation with the fair-trade store 3Muhe. They will also strengthen the work of the Global Learning Teachers Club, expanding the support network of external collaborators, volunteers and trainers divided into project teams who will participate in the preparation and implementation of new projects in accordance with the organization's mission. They will establish inclusive community spaces for the purposes of carrying out the activities of the association, the expansion of the current House of Worlds and support the initiatives and movements of young people, people with migrant experience and other vulnerable groups.

Contact person: Manca Šetinc Vernik