How do you feel: Supportive parents

Call for proposals: Micro or “rapid response” projects
Priority area: Strengthened civil society watchdog/advocacy role
Project duration: 15 May 2023–14 November 2023
Project value: EUR 4,950.57

The global mental health crisis is calling for measures to be taken immediately. The state of mental health among children and young people is disconcerting, and the existing organization and resources have failed to respond effectively to the needs of children, young people, and their family. 50% of all mental health disorders develop by the age of 15 and 75% by the age of 24. This is why timely, early detection and prevention of mental health disorders in children is the most important measure – it can drastically change the course of the disorder and the scope of treatment necessary. At the same time, it also ensures the ongoing inclusion of the person in society and prevents the worst possible forms of finding a way out. Immediate treatment of a mental disorders can be vital for improving the course of the disorder.

The How Do You Feel: Supportive Parents project aims to draw attention to the important role parents play in creating and maintaining a supporting environment for the mental health of their children. Also necessary is the involvement of the media (preventing stigmatization and pushing key messages to parents) and decision-makers (developing long-term systemic solutions for empowering parents and providing supporting programs).

Children and young people who do not receive support from their environment (home, local environment or school) or timely help keep their turmoil to themselves. This is why our project activities intend to empower parents and encourage them to solve problems actively. After all, data indicates a strong correlation between the deterioration of mental health in children and children living in dysfunctional families or not receiving support at school.

Before the European Mental Health Week, we thus organized an event for influencers and journalists. At the event, experts from various subject fields spoke about the impact of the voice on mental health, about different emotional states and about the ways and behaviors with which we express and regulate emotions. At the Klecksography workshop, participants learned about the technique that allows them to depict their emotions, relax and express themselves through art.

Contact person: Neja Čopi
P-odporni starsi

Project promoter: Slovenian Foundation for UNICEF