Monitoring of the Griža quarry

Call for proposals: Micro or “rapid response” projects
Project duration: 1 Apr 2021–30 Jun 2021
Project budget: 5,000 EUR

The area of the Griža stone quarry is important as a water source for the headwaters of the Rižana River. In this area a karst cave has also been discovered, which, according to our first estimates, is connected to the underground water system of the river Rižana.  Preservation and protection of both natural resources is extremely important for the entire region of South Primorska, and especially for the hinterland of the municipality of Koper.

The stone quarry is currently not in operation, but the new owners of the quarry are demanding its reactivation, while also adding the activities of the asphalt production and waste processing. All these activities would have a negative impact on these environmental systems, as well as on the health and quality of life of the local people.

In Alpe Adria Green we therefore joined forces with the local civic initiative. We will perform the necessary monitoring to identify the impact on the groundwater system of the Rižana river basin located in the newly discovered karst cave directly in the Griže stone quarry. The monitoring and measurements will be performed together with experts from the local Cave Exploring Society Dimnica Koper.

The obtained results will be the basis for the preparation of proposals for alternative use of this space for recreational, cultural, and social activities. In this way, we implement the principle of public participation in the adoption of municipal spatial plans (MSP) and municipal detailed spatial plans (MDSP) for this area and prevent further degradation of the environment and nature in this area.

Contact person: Tony Mlakar

Project promotor: Alpe Adria Green, International Association for the Protection of the Environment and Nature