Awareness campaign on the situation on the Balkan route

Call for proposals: Micro or “rapid response” projects
Project duration: 1 Aug 2020–31 Mar 2021
Project budget: 4.942,96 EUR

The Slovenian Ombudsman has said there are reasonable grounds for suspicion that the Slovenian police do not accept asylum requests and return migrants to Croatia instead. Official data show that since 2018 the Slovenian police have extradited more than 20,000 people to Croatia, despite numerous reports documenting Croatian police inflicting severe physical violence on asylum seekers.

Our awareness campaign is a response to systematic violations of the fundamental rights of migrants in Slovenia and other countries in the region. We will carry out this project in order to raise public awareness and stand up for the freedom of movement and security for all. We will investigate the way border procedures take place, the conditions people find themselves in after returning to Croatia, and the actual reasons for migration. Based on field work in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will prepare reports and a documentary film to present the findings to the public, including NGOs and state organizations, as well as citizens living in municipalities along the southern border.

We will implement this project together with people who have experienced migration and are currently asylum seekers or refugees in Slovenia.

Contact person: Jošt Žagar

Project promoter: Gmajna cultural association

Project partner: Infokolpa