SNIFF – Student Network for the Investigation of Function and Finances

Call for proposals: Micro or “rapid response” projects
Project duration: 7 Apr 2021–6 Oct 2021
Project budget: 5,000 EUR

ŠNOF is a student initiative created in May this year due to reports from some University of Ljubljana faculties about the critical lack of transparency and the reduced possibility of participation in the adoption of annual financial and content plans at local branches of the Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana (ŠOU). Local branches of the student organization at higher and short-cycle higher education institutions (ŠOVZ) operate at all 26 faculties of the university and four external institutions. In this year's reduced budget, ŠOU allocated only 8% of the planned expenditure for the operation of ŠOVZ for the current year.

During the adoption of this year's financial plans, there were certain infringements of the rules governing the operation and financing of ŠOVZ. This was reported by some faculty branches of ŠOVZ where political forces in opposition to the current coalition have their representatives in the administrative boards.

In our opinion the central problem is related to the convening of public consultations. Public consultations should be convened before the adoption of financial plans for the coming year. Namely, the money intended for ŠOVZ is one of the rare funds of a student organization on which every student of an individual institution can co-decide, for example by proposing projects. In this context the faculties where ŠOVZ is the only form of student association – where there are no other associations or interest groups of students – pose an additional problem for student organizing.

As part of the ŠNOF project we want to invite students to become more actively involved in the co-creation of activities at the faculties by educating and informing them about the violations and possible improvements. By producing educational content we want to explain the functioning of ŠOVZ so as to make it intelligible and accessible to students. This is necessary because in most cases the activities of an individual ŠOVZ are not even publicly available to students at that higher education institution. We will also address student officials. We will raise their awareness and encourage them to act in accordance with the acts in force, the principles of transparency, and offer them assistance in establishing appropriate and responsible communication about their activities to the students they represent.

Contact person: Luka Stegne

Project promotor: SocialClub Student Association

Project partners: Lista demokratičnega študentstva LDŠ, Zagon Student Association