Tenants’ Bloc – For the Right to a Safe Lease

Call for proposals: Small projects
Project duration: 15 Feb 2022–14 Feb 2023
Project budget: 20,000.00 EUR

For many, living in a market-rented apartment in Slovenia means living in uncertain conditions. They are subjected to the whims of the owners, live in unsuitable conditions and in constant month-to-month fear that they may lose the roof over their head, while the already high rents are only rising.

The situation in the rental market is the result of unequal power relations between owners and tenants. The power of the former derives from the possession and control of the necessary goods for survival (housing), and the weakness of the latter from the inability to survive without a roof over their head. These power relations are extremely unbalanced, putting tenants in a position of subordination, constant adjustment and exploitation. Therefore, they are willing to pay ever higher rent, live in poor housing, sign short-term contracts and suffer rights violations.

As the rental market is not functioning properly and the state does not protect tenants, it is necessary to gain appropriate living conditions by organizing. To achieve this we will carry out various field and awareness-raising campaigns, which will inform the public about rental issues and the rights they can exercise when renting.

But the awareness of rights is only the basis for strengthening the position of tenants, so we are also going to build a community based on solidarity, support and collective power. At the introductory event we will present successful organizing and operating practices from abroad, and then hold three group meetings of tenants in Ljubljana. These will be a space for sharing experiences and key issues, education and building support.

Transferring the knowledge of the Norwegian union of tenants Leieboerforeningen will help us cover areas where we lack experience: field work and the engagement of tenants. Their advice will provide support in designing activities and reduce the possibility of mistakes, while knowledge transfer will be crucial in designing a stable organization to support the community of tenants.

Part of the activities will also focus on the media, NGOs and political officials at both local and national level. By connecting different actors, preparing recommendations for proper functioning, and implementing advocacy campaigns focused primarily on local elections in Ljubljana, we will try to achieve systemic changes that will improve the power of tenants in relation to owners.

A suitable, safe and accessible housing must be accessible to all.

Contact person: Maša Hawlina


Project promoter: Institute for Studies of Housing and Space

Project partners: Danes je nov dan, Inštitut za druga vprašanja, PIC - Pravni center za varstvo človekovih pravic in okolja, Leieboerforeningen