The Aliens Act – another attempt to lower the standards of protection for migrants

Call for proposals: Micro or “rapid response” projects
Project duration: 10 Aug 2020–21 Jan 2021
Project budget: 4,975.39 EUR

The Aliens Act is the umbrella act regulating the entry, departure and residence of aliens in Slovenia. Unfortunately, each amendment to the Act decreases the standard of protection and the scope of aliens' rights. Given that the current government has announced a restrictive migration policy, we expect the latest amendment to contain provisions that will quickly worsen the position of foreigners and foreign workers in Slovenia.

This project will enable us to be actively involved in the process of adopting the new legislation. We will prepare and publicly present arguments regarding the proposed legislation on foreigners and foreign workers.

The project will address anyone involved in amendments of legislation on foreigners, from members of the Slovenian Parliament, with whom we will communicate directly as well, to ministries and experts who will be invited to a public debate on proposed legislation. In order to inform the public about the legislative changes, we will organize media campaigns, while also using social networks to share information about the ongoing developments.

Contact person: Goran Lukić
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Project promoter: Counselling Office for Workers

Project partner: Legal-Informational Centre for NGOs – PIC