The Present and Future of Work

Call for proposals: Small  projects 
Project duration: 1. Mar 2022-28 Feb 2023
Project budget: 20.000 EUR

Labor unions, the state and equity owners are supposed to negotiate equally and to form a balanced field of social forces together. At least this is the impression we get if we listen to the media and the public discourse of those responsible.

However, after thirty years of persistently shrinking, rejecting and undermining workers' and social rights, we can no longer talk about equal partnership. The labor market is ruled by a combination of poor working conditions and poor access to information on rights, which are in themselves inadequate. Workers have a limited grasp of their rights; all too often they do not exercise them and thus co-create conditions that worsen their situation to such an extent that violations become the dominant reality of this market.

Our project aims to close the serious information gap on workers' and social rights and strengthen support for workers who are advocating for their rights and for monitoring of their working conditions.

That is why we have planned:

  • The Odprto Delovišče (Open Worksite) show on Radio Student, in which we talk about the current state of working conditions and workers’ social situation, offer advice and outline the work of participating organizations that strive to improve the situation.
  • Active public dissemination and online communication, including short videos, where key information (frequent violations, advice, contacts for help and information about our activities) is provided to the target audience: workers whose workers' and social rights have been violated.
  • the online Knowledge and Advice Database for workers' and social rights infringement cases aimed at workers in need who want to stand up for their rights and improve working conditions. As well as those who monitor labor market conditions in more detail, e.g. experts and investigative journalists. It will be published on the website of the Movement for Decent Work.
  • Networking between partners where we share and accumulate knowledge about social and workplace violations, our experience with effective worker support and the capacity to understand which systemic changes are necessary and possible.

Contact person: Julij Borštnik


Project promoter: Reality Education Society

Project partners: Delavska svetovalnica, Gibanje za dostojno delo in socialno družbo, Radio študent