Think Before You Park

Call for proposals: Small projects
Project duration: Mar 2022–Oct 2022
Project budget: 5,900.00 EUR

With the development of technologies, the automotive industry and the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act, the number of people with (severely) limited mobility who are independent drivers has been increasing in recent years. Mobility fundamentally contributes to social inclusion.

But the problem is that the general public does not know, is not informed and not aware of the importance of sufficient space for disabled persons’ entry/exit from the vehicle. A disabled person can park his vehicle correctly by allowing enough space for a side or rear lift next to an adapted van, but if someone then parks incorrectly and sloppily, over the line, on the yellow field, the disabled person is prevented from entering the vehicle upon return. This prevents further mobility for the disabled person and what follows is waiting (sometimes even hours-long) for the return of the driver of an incorrectly parked vehicle.

Society needs to be educated and informed about this. We know from our own experience that the drivers who cause the previously described problem are much more careful in the future and think before parking the vehicle when they themselves experience it in practice. We do not see higher penalties or additional repression as a solution, as it is only information and education that contributes to the progress of society.

The campaign Think Before You Park aims to acquaint society with this problem because in this way we can contribute the most to ensure a better tomorrow.

Our association is going to record videos of such situations with a film crew and celebrities to draw public attention to this problem and make a positive contribution to the parking culture with the campaign.

We believe that raising awareness of the issue can have a positive effect on reducing the number of instances where mobility is prevented because of improper and sloppy parking.

Contact person: Marko Kušar


Project promoter: Association for Mobility of People with Disabilities Moja Pot