Learn with Amnesty: Building a Better World by Spreading Knowledge about Human Rights

Call for proposals: Medium projects
Priority area: Increased support for civic education and human rights
Project duration: 22 May 2023–30 April 2024
Project budget: EUR 50,000

At Amnesty International Slovenia, we believe that the solution to the increasing frequency of attacks on human rights lies in increasing public knowledge. It is essential to spread knowledge on human rights, teach practical methods of defending them, and prove that activism works! It is important that these topics find their place in formal and informal education as well as among the youth.

Planned as part of the project is a series of educational series of videos. Short videos dealing with individual human rights topics (e.g., human rights 101, the Erased, violence against women and girls, ...) will be used as means of self-directed learning and tools for raising awareness. The videos will also provide a basis for   »educational packages«, which will also include didactic and activistic suggestions for classwork and self-directed learning.

The project will serve as an upgrade of the long-term human rights learning program at Amnesty International Slovenia, which is based on regularly supplementing content with various tools that provide teachers with engaging and accessible methods of teaching.

The first packets will be piloted and evaluated with our network of 1150 teachers; we believe they will prove especially useful in Active Citizenship classes. The educational packages will also be used as extracurricular activities at the Amnesty Academy, University of Ljubljana, where they will be distributed on the Amnesty Academy online educational center.

The videos, which will also be distributed on the organization’s YouTube channel and other social media channels, will feature Amnesty International’s experts, representatives of marginalized groups, and other activists. We will present successful cases of human rights activism. Also included in the project is launching an educational series on human rights on TikTok.

We have no formal partners on the project, but we will develop and implement the activities together with our network of teachers. When it comes to teaching human rights, Amnesty International is focused on on-going work (not just one-day workshops), on teacher trainings, and on reaching as many schools and regions as possible. The content platform used is sola.amnesty.si, where the educational packages will also be published and made available for download.

Contact person: Metka Naglič
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Project promoter: Amnesty International Slovenia