We Are Tolerantly Cool

Call for proposals: Small projects
Project duration: 1 Feb 2022–15 Nov 2022
Project budget: 19,995.92 EUR

The basic purpose of the Eksena Association is to build tolerant relations based on the exercise of human and children's rights. This project aims to reduce the problem of intolerance and social discrimination based on ethnic and cultural diversity and related hate speech, slander and mutual exclusion among pupils in the first triennium of primary school.

As part of the project, we will conduct workshops for children, prepare video-learning content in two parts, a manual and an online conference for educators during Children's Week in October 2022.

At the workshops children are going to find out what children's rights are. We are going to focus primarily on responsibility and the right to freedom of speech. Children are going to learn how to express their opinions in different ways and how to develop a tolerant and respectful attitude – both towards themselves and others. We are going to use practical examples and methods of non-formal learning, role play and discussion. At the workshops children will learn to express their opinions, prejudices and hardships they experience; as well as how to eliminate them.

The innovative video-learning content that we will prepare will serve as a unique tool in learning about tolerance. The first video will introduce children to children’s rights, why we have them, and what their responsibilities are. In the second video children are going to learn what tolerance is and what it means to be tolerant of ourselves and others in an interactive way – through a fairy tale. The children will be taken into the world of tolerance by a loving fairy-tale character, Fairy Eksena, who is going to convey content in a way they can understand, with practical examples.

Contact person: dr. Pascale Emily Pečnik


Project promoter: Eksena Association

Project partners: OŠ Brežice, OŠ Franca Rozmana – Staneta Maribor