Where did the violence hide?

Call for proposals: Micro or “rapid response” projects
Project duration: 20 Sept 2020–19 Feb 2021
Project budget: 4,999.99 EUR

Measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus, such as school closures and restrictions of movement, place children at an increased risk of violence, neglect, and emotional and other distress.

Teachers and other professionals in educational institutions are those who have regular contact with children during distance learning. With this project UNICEF Slovenia wants to empower professionals in educational institutions. We will educate them on how to recognize domestic violence during restrictive measures. Guidelines for identifying violence and instructions on how to deal with violence during a pandemic will be developed in collaboration with key actors in child protection.

In addition to these activities we will also train volunteers in UNICEF Safe Points to provide appropriate assistance to children, since the local environment plays an important role in protecting children as well.

Contact person: Neja Čopi

Project promoter: Slovenian fundation for UNICEF