With forgotten resources young protect the environment

Call for proposals: Medium and large projects
Project duration: 1 Sept 2020–31 Aug 2021
Project budget: 39,555.00 EUR

Low-cost providers of clothing and furniture promote the purchase of low-quality products with low usability and short lifespan. When these products serve their purpose, people throw them away, thereby dramatically increasing the amount of waste in our region. This project is run by young people who want to protect our environment by showing that dilapidated furniture and clothing can become raw materials for new products instead of ending up in the dump.

The campaign will address young people, who seem to be the least active in our society. Since they have a huge amount of knowledge and ideas, we see them as the bearers of change, but at the same time they have no opportunity to implement these ideas. Together we will develop a DIY campaign which will encourage young people to actively tackle problems in the Pomurje region, while encouraging them to be creative.

Together with the participants we will make short films demonstrating the possibilities of reusing products. We will show, for example, how to make a shopping bag from used cotton T-shirts, how to sew a laptop bag from damaged jeans, how to make home decoration products from old water pipes, or how to make a bench from old kitchen chairs. The scripts will be written by the young people themselves, and the films will be published on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We will also create a brand for products created in the project.

All activities will be planned together with the target group – young people. That is how we will ensure that our programs are sustainable, effective and that they facilitate behavior change among young people in the region.

Contact person: Lea Cipot

Project promoter: Institute Step forward Murska Sobota, social enterprise

Project partners: Pro Mundus d.o.o. and Mladinski informativni in kulturni klub Murska Sobota