Zero Waste Gornja Radgona

Call for proposals: Small projects
Project duration: 1 Jul 2022–30 Jun 2023
Project budget: 19,958.88 EUR

In our local community we have noticed a low level of awareness of the possibilities and opportunities for reuse, upcycling, sharing economy and exchange and the principles of zero waste. Citizens separate the waste they generate diligently, but 100 kg per capita per year still remain unrecycled and buried in the ground. Such waste is harmful to the environment and consequently to our health.

The project aims to contribute to reducing the amount of municipal waste generated. By raising awareness, informing and educating the local community, we will raise awareness of the importance of the natural environment and the protection of natural resources. We will primarily focus on active work with children and develop an environmentally aware local community.

We will also make teaching aids and materials for workshops for students of the Gornja Radgona Primary School. These will be designed creatively and playfully. At the same time, we are going to set up a group of 9th grade students at the school that will prepare the school and home recommendations to encourage their classmates, teachers, families and future generations of students to generate less waste.

The Gornja Radgona Youth Center will host a number of different events, from clothing exchanges to an exhibition and a film evening with documentaries on the topic of zero waste. Throughout the project we will also make sure that the local community is informed about our activities, the project and, of course, the issue of waste generation and accumulation.

Contact person: Nana Irgolič


Project promoter: Rastišče Institute for Green Ideas